The Central Region

This region is quite heterogeneous in terms of landscape and in terms of attractions. In this region you can find singularities such as the termal ski centre call "Termas de Chillán", The "Antuco", "Chillan" and "Llaima" Volcanoes together with the "Salto del Laja" waterfall. 



This is one of the less explored parts of Chile, transcending from Puerto Montt to Campos de Hielo Sur. The area is full of National Parks aimed at maintaining and protecting the biological variety. It is home to the termal spa called "Termas del Amarillo" (recommended for healing and rehabilitation) and the Yelcho Lake, ideal for the fishing enthusiast. The region is well known for the adrenaline charged waters at Futaleufu - desired by kayaking and rafting experts and the magnificent view of General Carrera Lake. the biggestt lake in the country.

The North Region

The South Region